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Stay determined with the insightful nursery admission policies
Wonder Play School welcomes parents their kids respectively for the interaction session during the
admissions. We have well-framed admission guidelines that require an ultimate concentration with
an absolute top-notch recognition from the parents to abide them accordingly. Accordingly, we have
not displayed fees structure online or on a telephonic conversation, in spite, we have framed the
same on the school notice board when you come for a personal interaction with the faculty during
the nursery school admission for your kids.
Below are mentioned some of the major admission guidelines during a nursery school admission
Wonder Play School  aids the students with the best quality of education for creating a foundation of the
child’s early stages. Our early childhood programs help in formulating the development of the child's
brain by exploring them towards activities and learning programs. With our disciplined faculty and
staffs, ensure that the parents abide the guidelines during and after the nursery school admission.
ï‚· The nursery admission age criteria depend upon the latest NCERT guidelines.
ï‚· It is mandatory to abide policies designed by the school.
ï‚· Parents must inform about any sorts of allergies, diseases, injuries, physical or emotional
issues related to their ward.
ï‚· Parents must ensure that they have their consent for posting images of their child during the
class sessions, activities, events or trips on the official website or pages visible to the public.
ï‚· Parents consent is also mandatory when the School authority have to take actions
immediately at any time of urgency. It is the duty of the parents to inform the parents about
emergencies prior and that Wonder Play School will not be stated as responsible for any uncertain
incident occurs.
ï‚· During any of the treatment sessions where the precautions are also taken, any mishaps if
happens Wonder Play School shall not be responsible any further.
Wonderkidz welcome your child in developing the brain with potential efforts where the education
from   PreSchool,  Abacus, is followed by the
management. The Teacher training programmes are meant for the aspiring teachers who want to
get recognized as young and energetic individuals with a tremendous grip on the subjects
Admission Policies
ï‚· Once the parents are taken to the counseling sessions where as soon as the counseling gets
completed the admission process begins.
ï‚· With the receipt of Admission fees and recording an entry into the admission register.
ï‚· A parent is allowed to take a look around the school and understand how do we initiate the
nurturing of the little brains through various latest charts, toys, and hi-tech gadgets.
ï‚· Once the admission process is fulfilled you can collect the school uniform, bags and students
kit from the school office.
ï‚· The parents have to visit the school for getting the details about the fees structure and
according to the same have to abide by the payment in a prescribed period entirely.
ï‚· Admission receipts along with the payment receipts must be maintained until the child is
admitted in the school.

Fee structure is disclosed publically, neither on the website nor on the phone. It will be available when you visit the school personally for an interaction.

  • Parents must abide to the policies framed by the schools.
  • Please inform the school authority about any preexisting physical, emotional issues or diseases that a child may have or is prone to.
  • Parents must provide consent to the school authority to post their child’s photographs/videos taken in school or outside during any school activity/event/trip on the Wonder Kidz official pages whether on social media or our own website where it will be visible to public.
  • School Authority must have parent’s consent to handle emergencies by way of any means. Parents will be informed at the earliest about the emergency however, Wonder Kidz shall not be held responsible for any unexpected incident that may occur during any treatment even when the required precautionary measures were taken.

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