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Three Solid Reasons

Why this Business Proposal is unique –


  1. Play School Concept
  • Play School concept is in successful existence globally for nearly 100 years.
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, & help each other and are allowed to develop at their own pace.
  • Play school helps in refining the senses by using didactic material and emphasized learning through all five senses.
  • Wonder  education are presently functional in 15 states  in 150 cities  and the number is fast expanding world wide.
  • Multi-sensory materials (equipment) are used extensively for physical exploration / development & self-teaching.
  • Teacher’s role is unobtrusive and is directed towards creating an environment suitable to the development of the child’s unique capabilities.
  • Organized program for learning care of self and self-care of environment.
  • Teacher acts as a facilitator whereas the child is the master of the class
  • Benefits of Wonder play school methodology are refined further into a blended curriculum to give extra edge to students to meet the aspirations of traditional educational system.
  1. Strongest Academic Depart-
  • Wonder Play school has strongest academic team, having more than 30 years of experience in pre schooling.
  • Training for Head and teachers in New Delhi  or in Any District  by trained staff (at your option).
  •  certification to each child.
  1. Minimum Investment —  Small Requirement of Space.
  • Investment can be as low as Rs. 2 Lacs.
  • Profits flow in from 1st Year itself.
  • Benefits of Wonder play school concept are supplemented with day-wise curriculum, periodic teacher training, instructional manuals, guidance and complete solution to establish, manage and operate your own  pre-school along with extensive marketing support without any extra cost to Franchisee

Advantage to Wonder  play school

Franchisee is provided with complete guidance and solutions to establish, operate and manage his/her own prestigious pre-school virtually without any extra cost to the Franchisee.

1.   Franchisee is provided with Furniture and Interior layout designs.  Complete doing of premises on turn-key basis, option is also available (reasonable cost involved).  The designs for outdoor boards, banners and other publicity material are made available.

2.   Franchisee is assisted in scrutinizing and short-listing the suitable faculty and administrative staff and periodic teacher training workshops are organized for teachers.  The training is supplemented with Wonder play school equipment manuals, for ready reference.

3.   International standard curriculum designed on day-wise basis is provided.  Day-wise curriculum not only ensures clarity of content and regularity but also adequately take care of unfortunate eventuality in case a teacher decides to leave in mid of session, then the new teacher can resume curriculum from the very next day..   

4.   Extensive marketing support is ensured to Franchisee.  Advantage of National and State level newspaper advertisement campaign are provided to Franchisee.  Guidance to organize and conduct seminars, events and celebrations is provided and their coverage through press-conference and press-release is ensured. 

6.   Website presence is made available for the promotion and electronic communication.

7.   Complete In-house kit for child including prospectus, school bag, school diary, worksheets, etc. is provided to Franchisee.  The cost of the entire kit is paid by the enrolled child and franchisee is even allowed to earn profit from it.

8.   Psychological counseling support as a USP for the Franchisee is arranged. 

9.   certificate as an USP is arranged for each child graduating from our Franchisee school.

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Wonder Play School, Gaur City Mall, Office Space - 15114,

Sector-4, Greater  Noida West  - 201318

Phone: 0120-4571380

Mobile: 09911220853, 09311110853


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