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Policy &  Procedures-

Age group-
There are two batches in wonder abacus-
1.Abacus junior-for age 4 to 6 years kids
2.Abacus Senior-for age 7 to 14 years kids

Class size-

Every class will have atleast 15 children. However they can not exceed 20 children at any given time.
Numbers of levels-There are 08 levels on the whole. Each  level is of 3 months or 12 weeks duration. The 1st level or the foundation could be the most important and most of the concepts are learnt here. The level 1 to 3 concentrate on Addition, Subtraction speed of these computations. it is recommended that a child goes through  atleast  4 level to reach a comfortable mastery of the skills.


Registration of students-
The students are registered with Wonder Abacus after paying a fee of Rs. 1000/-which covers students Abacus, Bag, T.shirt  & necessary stationary.
Term of each level-
Each of term will be for a period of 3 months, which will have an assessment at the end for the child to successfully enter the next level. Only the course instructor can recommend the child for the assessment program. 
The Replacement Classes Concept-  In case of holidays during scheduled classes, the course instructor will workout for a replacement class for the student and inform the franchisee one class in advance. the franchisee will insure communication to all the parents. However if the child is going on a long holiday then the course instructor and the franchisee  will plan for a replacement classes for that child in conjunction with the parent.

Transferability of the student-
A student of a particular center can move freely across any other center due to reasons other than teaching performance and classroom ambience issues .it is recommended that the child  moves after completion of the respective level. The parent has to get a transfer letter from the respective center and a intimation to Company.

Kids Materials  - in case a child misplaces any of the items in the student kit, the child can purchase that item from Wonder School Bazaar Retail outlet. the retail outlet may be available in respective center also. Any child can purchase-Wonder Gift Items, Brain Games, Educational CD,s ,VCD,s , Story & Comics Books, Study Books, Fun Puzzles ,Seasonal greeting cards, Brain Tonics, Abacus Basics & Advance books, Memory books, Rhymes books, Crayons & Colors, English & Arts books and many more Educational material  from Wonder School Bazaar at given prices.

The Discontinuation Process-
If the any child at any point wants to discontinue the program then the franchisee has to complete an exit interview format with the child and the parent . This format has to be sent to company along with the subsequent month’s payments. It is suggested that even on acquiring the mental capabilities , the child is encouraged to practice on the abacus atleast 15 days before the exam, to activate the brain cells. Daily practice for 15 minutes is a must.


For the students-

  students need to bring  their kit to the class everyday. students, without an abacus or the prescribed books,will not be admitted in the class.
Student must complete their assignment or homework given before attending to the next lesson.
Finger movements have to be correct, from the beginning. This will ensure that you are able to move to the mental level without much difficulty.


For the parents-
Daily practice is very important. This is your responsibility and please it seriously  as without this the child’s progress will not be up to the mark.there are exercises given in every class and practice will help the child gain speed and better clarity of the  concepts.

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